This machine with conveyor belt is perfect for shearing the edges of small carpet samples.


The key element of the edge bevelling machine KS 50 is our shearing unit SE 50. The machine is designed with an angle adjustment of 0° to 60°. The shearing depth is adjustable from 2mm to 22mm. The guide-plate for carpet samples can be easily infinitely adjusted from 20mm to 210mm. Quick and easy adjustments can be carried out by releasing the locking lever. The conveyor belt is driven by a three-phase motor.

The speed of the shearing motor and conveyor belt are infinitely adjustable by means of frequency changers. Larger carpet pieces are guided manually while passing through. Shearing width 50mm.


Technical data:

Connection1~ 230 V/50 cycles; 0,5 kW
Dimensionapprox. 500 x 630 x 370 mm
Weightapprox. 39 kg

Shearing unit SE 50 L and SE 50 R

The shearing unit SE 50 L and SE 50 R can also be individually installed in your existing production line. Please consider our edge bevelling machine “Tandem” special edition KS 50/SO with two shearing units SE 50 L and SE 50 R.

Contact us if you have any shearing problems. We will also be happy to help with special projects.

Efficient operation – Perfect Finish with the Shearing unit SE 50 L and SE 50 R

For more than 30 years we successfully use our shearing principle in our carpet shearing machines. This principle was accomplished as well in our edge bevelling tables, edge bevelling machines, carpet pattern production units and special machines (e.g. for the chamfering of paint rollers).

Shearing unit SE 50 L and SE 50 R

Their special characteristics are:

  • compact, sturdy construction
  • the shearing motor is a special three-phase motor, wear-resistant with a long durability
  • infinitely variable speed control by means of a frequency changer
  • the shearing roller and the shearing blade are made of the best heavy-duty high-speed steel
  • the shearing roller and the shearing blade are easily exchangeable and can be resharpened many times
  • easily adjustable
  • long service life through highest precision and best material

Technical data:

Electric driveThree-phase motor 3~230V; 0,2 kW, with frequency changer, infinitely adjustable up to 6000 rpm
Shearing width50 mm
Accessoriesvarious wrenches, operating instructions, setting gauge
Weightapprox. 5,3 kg
Dimensionapprox. 230 x 230 x 275 mm
Connectionfor suction hose SS 35

According to the transportation direction of the carpet which will be sheared and the installation direction of the shearing unit, the SE 50 L or the SE 50 R with shearing roller with left twist or right twist is used (see information sheet “cutting direction”). We recommend the build in with motor to the bottom.

For the installation on existing plants we have different fixing units (see our info sheets concerning this).

For the drive of the shearing units frequency changers for control cabinet installation or closed frequency changers for the free installation are available (see info sheet).

Necessary Accessories

In order to remove the fluff and to „raise“ the pile, a suitable dust extractor system is necessary.