The manual electric clippers are hand machines with particularly for carpet pile adapted fine and rough carver blades. They are characterized by the handy and ergonomical from. They are manifold used, for example preshearing high piles, for complete shearing away the carpet pile until the carpet backing before carpet boarder binding, for shearing the edges of passed carpets, for shearing of already laid down carpets.

Fine shearing comb with 70mm and rough shearing comb with 76mm shearing comb width.

ES 896

hofmann-handtuft-Electric clipper-896
Electric clipper 895

Technical data ES 896:

Motor1 ~ 230 V
Quantity of teeth4 & 13
Weight1,7 kg
Accessoriessuitcase, oil, brush

ES 895

Hofmann handtuft ES 896
ES 895
hofmann-handtuft-Electric clipper-895
Electric clipper 895

Technical Data ES 895:

Motor1 ~ 230 V
Quantity of teeth17 & 18
Weight1,5 kg
Accessoriessuitcase, oil, eccentric block