Hand made carpets and hand made rugs can be made with a wide range of designs using this hand tufting gun.

Changing the pile height or yarn colour is very simply achieved with the Hofmann hand tufting gun. The yarn is delivered through a needle that pierces the special backing fabric.

When operated as a cut pile gun a blade then cuts through the yarn and a jet of air blows the tuft through. After completing the tufting operation the tufts are bound with latex and a secondary backing.

The Hofmann hand tufting gun has reached it present level of success after many years of development and is now used in industry and education throughout the world.

Hofmann offers a full range of equipment and materials for the production of hand made rugs, hand made carpets and wall hangings.

Technical data:

Pile height ø6mm 16 – 45 mm exchange kit needed
Lowest is 12 mm (3 parts & adjustment)
Loop pile
Remove blade only
Yarn tunnel
Standard ø 6 mm ø5+4 mm (3 parts only)
Power supply
1~230 V – 220 W
Air pressure
8 bar, 200 l/min
0 – 2.000 stitches/min